Parish Captain Responsibilities

  • Meet with your Pastor
    • Provide date of Men’s Conference – February 26, 2022 – Higgins Hall, Tampa, FL
    • Provide Pastor with script for pulpit announcement and ask for his support. A suggested pulpit announcement is provided in the Promotional Materials area below.
    • If Pastor is not willing or able to provide pulpit support, ask for date(s) to make announcement yourself at all Sunday Masses.
    • Ask Pastor’s support to set a goal for attendance by parish members and purchase a block of tickets in advance.  (This will provide incentive to more proactively invite male parishioners to attend the conference. At the same time it will help underwrite Conference expenses early.)
    • Ask for support from male volunteers/leaders/ministry heads in the parish to hand out brochures, invite other male parishioners to attend, and provide online registration opportunities after Masses.
    • Display the Conference Posters around your parish campus and choose a day to hand out Conference Flyers and/or business cards. Preprinted versions of each are available in limited quantities from the Parish Captain Team, and PDFs of the poster and flyer are availaible in the Promotional Materials area below.
  • Bulletin Announcements
    • Know your parish’s process and timing for submitting bulletin announcements well before they are to begin. Meet with the appropriate person to schedule dates for bulletin announcements for Men’s Conference per the schedule in your Parish Captain’s packet.
    • Bulletin Announcements are provided in the Promotional Materials area below. The announcements can be printed or shared by email with your parish contact, and Word Document, JPG and PDF versions are available to download.
  • Recruit volunteers
    • Ask them to help you pass out Conference literature and invite male parishioners to attend the conference
    • Plan how you will staff, schedule volunteers for after Masses and make every effort to hand out literature according to the schedule in your Parish Captain resources.
    • Make sure your parish groups and ministries (Knights of Columbus, Men’s Groups, etc.) aware of the Conference and enlist their support in your efforts.
  • Register men from your parish for the conference.
    • The best way to recruit men is by personal invitation. Have a person commit to come and have him bring 2 or 3 men to join him.
  • (Optional) Ask for a list of names and phone numbers of all male members of Parish.
  • (Optional) Use volunteers for telephone tree (personal conversations work best!)
    Delegate names to be called, Pass out telephone scripts, Set dates to begin and end telephone tree. 



Please contact a member of The Parish Captain Team

John Abernethy | | 727-785-4065 | Team Leader & Pinellas Coordinator

Paul Mastella | | 813-495-4570 | Hillsborough Coordinator

Dimitre Bobev | | 727-403-8060 | SCM Board Member